Wednesday, 20 February 2013

Cycling along...

I have a new bicycle.

It's red.

It has 18 gears - Shimano, no less.

It has everything - bell, lock, pump, mud guards (very important on those lovely muddy roads), lights, etc. I think you get the picture - I like to be prepared you know.

The only thing.....and it's only a small thing, hardly a concern at all.....the last time I rode a bike was 25 years ago and that bike only had 3 gears.

It was a very wobbly start, let me tell you. I tried to go forward but that didn't work too well at first and I had to brake before I wobbled and fell off. I couldn't give up though as I needed to get home quick to pick up Bucket jnr from his holiday activity club.

So I set off, clunking through the gears (will really need to practice them), hoping to get home. On the way I passed some school kids doing a cycling proficiency course and they were all watching me as I sped past, didn't signal into my road and tried not to fall off. Hopefully they didn't learn too many bad habits from me.

And now I ache. I'm discovering muscles that have long been forgotten and I'm feeling every single one of my years.

I'm sure the next go will be a bit easier (I hope). Sam xx

Tuesday, 12 February 2013

And breathe...

This is the first time in a long little while that everything feels a bit more calm, on an even keel.

Since starting my new part time job, I've been feeling a bit like spaghetti - everything going in all directions but not actually getting anywhere (or anything done).

I'm usually getting the kids to school; walking to work (a bit more of a route march so my legs are usually killing me by the end of the week; getting back home and grabbing a sandwich; try to do a little bit of housework so the place isn't a complete tip; picking Bucket jnr up; sorting out tea; tidying up and then hopefully sitting down for a little while before kids bedtime and also before I pass out on the sofa at 9pm.
 you know that this is NOT a picture of me - right? right??

I've had to accept that I can't do ALL the housework, that I usually did casually in a day, in one hour. Something has got to give or at least slacken a little bit before something breaks - probably my back.

But today I'm here, feeling quite calm and having a nice cuppa before tackling the pancakes.

I'm hope to catch up on some of my favourite blogs too. Sam x