Tuesday, 31 July 2012


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We're off on holiday soon.


But I always find that there is sooo much to do, packing wise, before you go. That might be why I'm experiencing weird dreams...

...dreams of swimsuits and lots of people and clock watching and indecision and embarrassing moments (in my dream I left my knickers on underneath my swimsuit and just KNEW that everyone could see them).

Think I'd better lay off the coffee for a little bit and go onto the camomile.

And, I had my very own mobile phone scam happen....

We've always said to Miss Bucket that she could have a mobile phone when she started secondary school - for safety reasons you know and when she runs off with her friends without telling us. I can then track her down (just call me Nancy Drew - I'm old, look it up).

So there I was looking through a drawer (yep, one of those that has loads of useless stuff in it) and I pulled out an old mobile phone.

"ooh what's that?"
"my old phone but it's not working"
"how does it work then?"
So I went on to explain about sims and networks.
"can I have it?"
"it doesn't work"
"but if we got a sim it would work"
"yes, but I'm not going into town today"
"well, if we go tomorrow we can get one then"

Did you see that??? I was easily outsmarted by a 9 year old.

Now she's got a mobile with new number and I even put £5 on it. WHAT???!!! I'm still in a bit of shock but she has been warned that if anything happens to it she will not get another until she is 12.

For all of you who may think she is a bit young - I agree in part. But at 9 getting things like that are exciting (even though it's a very basic model) and she gets warned EVERY DAY (yes I am that kind of mother) what she can/can't do with it.

Plus the battery is rubbish and doesn't last that long - muahahahaha. Sam xx

Tuesday, 24 July 2012


and the weather is lovely, even at 8.30 in the morning...
 not a cloud in sight 
the garden is blooming...
the veg is doing well (thanks to Mr Bucket)...
leeks, beetroot and carrots
the washing's out...
might even make it here later, to chill out...

Sam xx

Wednesday, 18 July 2012

small talk...

Two little 4 year old friends having a chat...

Bucket jnr: I'm going to see my sister.

friend: I'm going to see my brother.

Bucket jnr: My sister is big, she's 9.

friend: My brother is big, he's 9 too.

Bucket jnr: Wow! 9-2, that's really big.

You just have to laugh. Sam xx

Tuesday, 17 July 2012

Teacher's gift...

It's that time of year again and what is more appropriate than an apple for the teacher.

The pictures are of the same apple but just thought I'd show the different sides to it. You'll also notice, if you click on the link, that I didn't do the stalk but added a button on the top and bottom instead.

Many thanks to The Wool Food Mama for showing me how to make this time and time again.... Sam xx

Wednesday, 11 July 2012

Torch fun...

We went on a family day out today to see the Olympic torch as it went through our medium-sized town. The kids were allowed to go, with it being classed as an 'educational day' - in other words, they weren't skiving off.

So we trekked into town, it started raining of course but we were prepared for all weathers (our sunglasses were tucked in a pocket).

Now when I've gone into town normally, even on a busy Saturday, you can generally get around quite easily. But today was a total nightmare - I had totally underestimated how many people were going to show up. Mr Bucket was amazed enough to mutter "I didn't think there were that many people in ......".

Luckily we found a fairly decent place to stand and we could even see enough so that we could spot the torch when it went by. After about 10 minutes we were trapped in our space, there were loads of people crammed in behind us but it wasn't that bad as we started having a joke about the situation with a couple of women standing next to us.

Well...the time the torch was due came and went and we could hear cheers further off somewhere down the town so we knew it was on it's way. Then a police car went by, sirens going, we cheered. Then another....and another....and another....four police motorbikes....police van.....and another.........anyone for speeding on the motorway???!!! Only joking but it seemed like we had all the police force going through our town.

More cheers heard....sponsor bus...and another...and another...and yes, another. All with very happy cheery young people trying to get everyone to cheer even though we've been standing in one spot so long that our feet are numb; we were sweaty and (dare I say it) a tiny bit bored by now - BRING THE TORCH NOW!!!!!

Then it was there, right in front of us. An oldish man dressed in white, jogging along and holding it up for everyone to see. It was a lovely gold colour - MY PRECIOUS (sorry, couldn't resist the film reference there) and then he was gone.

It was over, well not totally as I think there were other things going on but I'd had enough. So we decided to go home, grab a milkshake on the way and then disappear off for a pub lunch. Except we had to try and get through all the other people - all I'll say is one word.....SARDINES.

We did make it, eventually, and we made it home with enough time to grab the car and disappear to a welcoming pub lunch. Not a bad day and I'm glad we went but I'm also glad that we'd warned the kids what to expect.

Would we do it again?....probably. Sam xx

p.s. sorry no pictures but I really couldn't be arsed. There'll be enough on the local newspaper site that I can print off if I want a memento and it was so crammed that all I would have done was get a picture of the back of someones head - eeuurgh.

Wednesday, 4 July 2012

Why is it...


You can wait in ALL DAY for the postman but as soon as you step out the door, you get that annoying card "we tried to deliver your parcel..."

Whenever you have something planned to do, that's when the kids are sick...

I have loads of crafts to do but no time to do them in...

When filling out a job application form, they want to know the smallest things 22 years ago...WHAT??!! I have no clue what I was doing at 2pm on a Saturday 3rd March (ok maybe it's not that extreme, but it feels like it)...

You can do a full shop (and we all know what that means) but there's always a day when there's NOTHING to eat...

I can wash things up at least twice a day and there are STILL empty dishes lying there...

I'm sure there's more....oh yes, one last one...why is it when you have sooooo much to say, you can't remember a thing. Sam xx