Sunday, 24 June 2012

Night out...

For the first time in...I haven't a clue how many... years, Mr Bucket and I went out for a night out. It was to celebrate our anniversary (15 years) which was a few weeks ago but this was the nearest date for everyone to be available.

So first we packed the kids off the the Grandparents. You know they don't mind that much when you have to prompt them to say goodbye as you're walking out the door.

Then we got all glammed up which is a lot harder to do when you haven't been out in absolutely ages; have NO idea what is fashionable (I generally live in jeans, t-shirts and favourite converse) and don't want to look like mutton dressed as lamb.

Then we went to an early evening showing of Men in Black 3 3D and it was brilliant. I've always love the MIB films but this one seemed more polished with better action and special effects. I even caught myself giving vocal encouragement to the gorgeous Will Smith, luckily not loud enough to embarrass myself though.
My only gripe was the 3D glasses - when are they going to sort some out for people who wear glasses???!!! I had to balance them on my glasses and only when the lights went low did I relax enough not to feel too stupid wearing them.

One other thing.... am I the only person who shovels so much popcorn in my mouth (hoover-like) that I end up with it going down my top and then I have to try to reach it without anyone else noticing what I'm doing.

Food was next and even though a Chinese was our first thought we eventually went to a Tapas Bar. I'm a tapas virgin, I had a vague idea how the food was served but I had to ask the waiter how many dishes was 'polite' for one person - we ended up with three each.
All I can say is DELICIOUS!!! Definitely going back and may even take the kiddies along too. Although, may be paying today for all the oil that a lot of the dishes used (along with chillies and garlic). Sam xx

Thursday, 21 June 2012

Sports Day fun...

Yesterday was a scorcher, which was definitely a good thing as it was Bucket jnr's Sports Day.

I went up to his school lugging a bag of picnic goodies, camera and his spotted dog which he'd asked me to bring and sat down in the sunshine chatting to another mum.When I looked across to Bucket jnr he looked really miserable so after a quick run across to give him a hug, sat back down to watch all the kids.

The kids did brilliantly and had a great time but Bucket jnr sat and looked like it was the worst day ever. I waved and grinned at him across the running track and he eventually cracked a smile when I stuck his dog on my head and bobbed it up and down as though it was waving at him.

Just another typically sane mum then.

He lined up for his first running race and I got up and walked a little way forward to take a picture but as I was aiming the camera I saw that he was looking for me. Cue the arm waving and shouting his name, he eventually saw me but missed his cue to go. Luckily he's a fast runner and came second but I knew that I'd pay for that one later - I put him off - bad mummy!!!

His second race involved beanbags and he shot off, Speedy Gonzales I swear - he was determined that he was going to win this one. I kept sitting during this race.

Afterwards we munched and chatted with other mums and kids and generally just enjoyed the day.

Good thing it was yesterday, the weather today would have been awful.

Monday, 11 June 2012

Giveaway alert...

Source: Modern Country Style

 Not me, not yet anyway. But if you go over to Modern Country Style Sarah has a giveaway for one of two Emma Bridgewater mugs celebrating Dads and Father's Day.

All you need to do is follow her blog (which is great) and leave a comment or two to be in with a chance.

Sam xx

Sunday, 10 June 2012

Jubilee Celebrations...

We had a brilliant day yesterday. The Grandparents' road had a street party - a week later than most but I'm so glad it was yesterday as the day was absolutely gorgeous....sunny and warm with poofy clouds in a blue sky.

There was a bouncy castle which Bucket jnr hardly ever left; loads of food; miles of bunting and lots of competitions for everyone to have a go at.

I grabbed a load of food (it was lunchtime) and then Grandma said "don't forget that we've got food too". My aching stomach, but it was my own fault - I had that stuffed feeling that you generally only get at Christmas.

Bucket jnr and Miss Bucket entered the scooter races. Bucket jnr raced off and won his - he has a great gold medal that he likes to show off. Miss Bucket came second (she was robbed by a younger scooter who didn't go round the cone properly - a protective mum, who me???) and she loves her silver medal as she thinks the gold and bronze look too much alike and hers looks better.
Bucket jnr's medal

There were plank races as well, I didn't do this but had a great laugh at those that did enter.
 There was also egg throwing. Miss Bucket and I did this at a previous street party and we didn't do too badly but I thought that I'd watch this time instead, mainly because I didn't take a change of clothing with me.

Oh and I can't forget about the welly wanging. For those that haven't a clue what this throw a welly as far as you can and the one who throws furthest wins. The kids heat was fun and really sweet, both my two went in for this. Bucket jnr wound his arm up so many times that people started to count - he did eventually let go.

But it was the adult one that is always the funniest as people try to throw as hard as they can and it gets into a really big competition, especially between the men and those wellies are very unpredictable. I had to run out the way once or twice, a gutter was hit, a table full of glasses went flying and a few people were bopped when they got in the way.

More food was eaten, there was a kids and adult quiz (didn't do too badly at either) and then the bbq's came out.

I had to leave about 9.30pm as Bucket jnr said his feet hurt and he looked really tired all of a sudden so we left everyone to their dancing and went home.

On a side note, I've got to say that Bucket jnr is the most sociable person I know. He was in and out of gardens and houses and this is a street that we only visit, hardly see anyone most of the time and don't really know anyone's name. But he was everywhere and after talking to some nice ladies on the street, we came home with a rocking chair and footstool. I wasn't really looking for one but that is what I came home with, it's a good job I have a big car (old people carrier type that sounds like a tank). I don't think many people can say they went to a party and came home with furniture.

Now I've just got to find somewhere to put it....did I ever mention that the rooms in my house are small and my family has a tendency to collect things (lots and lots of things), I'm forever clearing clutter and stuff out. Sam xx

Sunday, 3 June 2012

Cakes for Charity...

A few weeks ago Miss Bucket helped two sisters, who live a couple of doors away and who she goes to school with, sell toys and teddies to raise some money for Cancer.

I thought this was brilliant and tried to encourage her in this new enterprise.  They went from door to door distributing handmade leaflets and I think they raised approx £50.

Last weekend they sold cakes to raise even more money and I helped a little (more were in the oven).
 The other girls' mum made a load too and other mums donated some more.

It's a good cause, one close to my heart as the disease took my mum when I was 20, so I think we were all happy to help them any way we could.


The sun was shining and the girls spent all morning getting things ready. The stall looked lovely and the cakes went quickly, loads of people came to the stall and donated generously - an overall success.

I think the total came to £340. I couldn't have been more pleased, well done girls. Sam xx