Thursday, 6 December 2012

A bit of this and a bit of that...

It's been that sort of time where lots of little things have been done so I thought I'd gather them all up and put them all into one post.

Miss Bucket had lots of clothes that she had grown out of and when I was sorting them out for a 'bags for school' day I found some really lovely jumpers hidden in Miss Bucket's drawers. They were so nice I didn't want to give them away.
The picture doesn't do them justice, they are incredibly soft and look sparkly. I sat and had a thought about what I could make them into...wrist warmers,cushion covers - it's an ongoing project.

Bucket jnr was sent home during school for being sick (not really sick-sick, he had some sandwich stuck in his mouth) and we had a talk about what he'd like to do so he didn't get bored.  Crafts was the answer - with glitter - great (already visualising the mess). The thing is as I was talking to Bucket jnr about being careful with glitter I dropped about a teaspoon of the stuff all over the carpet and it goes a LONG way. It's not the kids I have to keep an eye on - it's me!

My neighbour was kind enough to look after Bucket jnr whilst I saw Miss Bucket at her class assembly and when I got back they'd decorated some spirals (one for the neighbour to take with her). We then made some angel cards that we stuck up in the kids rooms.
 We also had a power cut recently which lasted about an hour - I loved it.. All the neighbours rallied round, checking on each other and making sure that everyone had candles which was nice, you don't realise how dark it is without the street lamps. Brought back memories of power cuts when I was a lot younger, also made me glad that we chose a gas cooker.

I finally started on the snowmen. I know, I know, I was meant to do them ages ago but something always got in the way (thanks kids!) and I really have to concentrate when crocheting and count the stitches otherwise I completely forget what I'm doing and whereabouts I am in the pattern - my brain is a complete sieve.

I also sent for a pattern from Annaboo's House - it's an elf. I always keep meaning to get one of those 'elf on the shelf' but I either don't have the money available or I can't justify spending that amount of money on it. So this is better!!!

What else.....sorting stuff for the school bazaar (amazingly managed to get rid of some stuff but must make sure that it doesn't somehow get bought and brought back); watched some 'made for tv' Christmas films (absolutely love 'em); made cheap and easy meals to get us through this last week of the month (I love mince - sooooo versatile); wrapped up some Christmas presents early - WOW!! I'm usually panicking and swearing a lot on Christmas Eve, asking myself WHY did I not do this earlier; helping a friend Christmas shop; sorting out cars, cards and the like; watching a sweet nativity play...

Think that's about it but that should be enough for the moment. Sam xx

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