Tuesday, 7 February 2012

Busy, busy morning...

I've been a bit of a speed demon today. Lately I've felt a bit slugglish and haven't done too much but now I'm TOTALLY fed up with the mess (we're a bunch of collectors and clutterers).

So I wrote a list and I've only got 2 more things to do (there were more than 2 to start with, just in case you were wondering).

I've been whizzing round tidying, cleaning, even adding a couple of extra things to the list - one of them was tidying up Miss Bucket's bedroom (only tidying, we have a big day of chucking coming up soon I think). After all my nagging to tidy her room, she finally asked if I could help.

Although in the middle of this I had to do something else...

Has anyone heard of Hama beads? If you haven't, they are little beads (come in several sizes but ours are quite small) that you put on a board template which could be in the shape of a flower, dragon, frog. This is then ironed and it all sticks together.

Well, in the course of tidying I knudged the board with the beads on and I hadn't yet ironed them.......yes, a load of them went flying and I had to spend a long little time putting them back.

Miss Bucket's beads are small and my hands are big - not a good combination and I had to resort to the tweezers to try and pick them up, one by one. I very carefully took them downstairs and ironed them, although I think my iron was a bit hot and some look a little crazy.

I'm hoping she'll accept my idea that it makes him look a little more scaly.

A cup of tea is now called for before my next job, which I'll be doing this afternoon - PIZZA, homemade of course. Sam xx

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