Tuesday, 14 February 2012

Happy Valentines...

I was woken up this morning (steady there) with a gorgeous card and chocolates from Mr Bucket - Thorntons chocolates, of course (although wouldn't have minded the Belgian seashells).

They're not going to do the diet much good but nevermind, we all have to make sacrifices. Although, I've already sacrificed some chocs already this morning to two chocolate-loving monsters.

I promise, it wasn't all me. Honest!!!

On a crafty note, if anyone gets Molly Makes magazine you would have seen the cover showing the mug cozies on the front. They seem to be a favourite make at the moment and as I was in a crochet mood at the weekend, I thought I'd give one a go. TAA-DAA!!

I also finished the lovely, chunky purple scarf for Miss Bucket as well. TAA-DAA (again)!! It came out really soft and warm and I didn't want to part with it when it was finished.

The mug cozy was really easy to do and I must admit that I had fun and it looked really cute when it was on the cup. There is just one teeny, tiny problem with it - I'm a DRIBBLER. There, I said it.

No matter how carefully I drink a cup of tea/coffee/anything really, I always have a little dribble of drink slide down the side of the cup and usually landing on me. In fact I think my next project should be a bib.

Maybe that's what the mug cozies are really for, not to make the cups look sweet and cute and cuddly - they are to catch the dribbles from plopping onto your nice, clean clothes.

I'd better make a whole lot more of them then or that mug cozy is going to be washed loads and loads of times. Sam xx


  1. Oh sweet!

    - I also have a mug cozy. Mine is cream, so it is a good thing i'm not a dribbler! :)

    Nice blog, thanks for the post!

    1. Thank you for commenting. I've just realised that I haven't used the mug cozy for a while and not entirely sure where it is. Oh well, I think I'm due to make something else - new mug cozy here I come. Sam xx