Wednesday, 11 July 2012

Torch fun...

We went on a family day out today to see the Olympic torch as it went through our medium-sized town. The kids were allowed to go, with it being classed as an 'educational day' - in other words, they weren't skiving off.

So we trekked into town, it started raining of course but we were prepared for all weathers (our sunglasses were tucked in a pocket).

Now when I've gone into town normally, even on a busy Saturday, you can generally get around quite easily. But today was a total nightmare - I had totally underestimated how many people were going to show up. Mr Bucket was amazed enough to mutter "I didn't think there were that many people in ......".

Luckily we found a fairly decent place to stand and we could even see enough so that we could spot the torch when it went by. After about 10 minutes we were trapped in our space, there were loads of people crammed in behind us but it wasn't that bad as we started having a joke about the situation with a couple of women standing next to us.

Well...the time the torch was due came and went and we could hear cheers further off somewhere down the town so we knew it was on it's way. Then a police car went by, sirens going, we cheered. Then another....and another....and another....four police motorbikes....police van.....and another.........anyone for speeding on the motorway???!!! Only joking but it seemed like we had all the police force going through our town.

More cheers heard....sponsor bus...and another...and another...and yes, another. All with very happy cheery young people trying to get everyone to cheer even though we've been standing in one spot so long that our feet are numb; we were sweaty and (dare I say it) a tiny bit bored by now - BRING THE TORCH NOW!!!!!

Then it was there, right in front of us. An oldish man dressed in white, jogging along and holding it up for everyone to see. It was a lovely gold colour - MY PRECIOUS (sorry, couldn't resist the film reference there) and then he was gone.

It was over, well not totally as I think there were other things going on but I'd had enough. So we decided to go home, grab a milkshake on the way and then disappear off for a pub lunch. Except we had to try and get through all the other people - all I'll say is one word.....SARDINES.

We did make it, eventually, and we made it home with enough time to grab the car and disappear to a welcoming pub lunch. Not a bad day and I'm glad we went but I'm also glad that we'd warned the kids what to expect.

Would we do it again?....probably. Sam xx

p.s. sorry no pictures but I really couldn't be arsed. There'll be enough on the local newspaper site that I can print off if I want a memento and it was so crammed that all I would have done was get a picture of the back of someones head - eeuurgh.


  1. Oh, YILES!!! Sorry that it was such a bust. But at least you did get to see it. ;)

    I found you through Find a Friend Friday and am now a new follower!

    1. Thank you very much for following. Yep, a few years from now I can say to the kids "you were there" and they'll probably look at me blankly and go "uh????". Oh well, as parents we can only try. Sam xx