Tuesday, 31 July 2012


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We're off on holiday soon.


But I always find that there is sooo much to do, packing wise, before you go. That might be why I'm experiencing weird dreams...

...dreams of swimsuits and lots of people and clock watching and indecision and embarrassing moments (in my dream I left my knickers on underneath my swimsuit and just KNEW that everyone could see them).

Think I'd better lay off the coffee for a little bit and go onto the camomile.

And, I had my very own mobile phone scam happen....

We've always said to Miss Bucket that she could have a mobile phone when she started secondary school - for safety reasons you know and when she runs off with her friends without telling us. I can then track her down (just call me Nancy Drew - I'm old, look it up).

So there I was looking through a drawer (yep, one of those that has loads of useless stuff in it) and I pulled out an old mobile phone.

"ooh what's that?"
"my old phone but it's not working"
"how does it work then?"
So I went on to explain about sims and networks.
"can I have it?"
"it doesn't work"
"but if we got a sim it would work"
"yes, but I'm not going into town today"
"well, if we go tomorrow we can get one then"

Did you see that??? I was easily outsmarted by a 9 year old.

Now she's got a mobile with new number and I even put £5 on it. WHAT???!!! I'm still in a bit of shock but she has been warned that if anything happens to it she will not get another until she is 12.

For all of you who may think she is a bit young - I agree in part. But at 9 getting things like that are exciting (even though it's a very basic model) and she gets warned EVERY DAY (yes I am that kind of mother) what she can/can't do with it.

Plus the battery is rubbish and doesn't last that long - muahahahaha. Sam xx


  1. My 9 year old granddaughter has a mobile phone, but the only trouble is she uses all the credit up within a couple of days! I know what you mean though about the safety aspect, but we were brought up without such things and survived didnt we?!
    Enjoy your holidays!

  2. Tee hee!
    I love weird dreams- I'm getting married in December and boy, have there been some strange dreams so far, I can tell you- no dress, being late, no groom, no clothes. And I know it's only going to get worse!!
    Have a super holiday!