Thursday, 23 August 2012

We're back....

Finally arrived back after a wonderfully relaxing interesting holiday.

We went glamping down the South of France using Key camps and I must say, it was a good site if you've got kids. The facilities were great; close to the town and beach and the people were helpful and thankfully spoke really good English. My holiday French isn't too bad but when I get flustered I resort to charades.
 the view of the Pyrenees from the decking by our cabin

There were only a few niggles - we went down on a Saturday and got caught in a load of traffic; during the traffic our car started to overheat so we had to have the windows open with the fan on hot; as the windows were open I got sunburned (I'm a bit freckly) really badly on one arm so had to wear a really attractive sun top (with long sleeves) whenever I went swimming for the first week; because the car got wrecked we had to take it to a garage to get fixed - very large bill.

That's the bad news over and done with.

I asked Mr Bucket "who's idea was it to come this far down France?.... Oh yeah, it was mine".

After two weeks camping, we travelled back up France and stayed at Versailles.

We saw the Palace...

 I laughed at first at the tourists with little umbrellas but I'm telling you, if you visit this place then take one. There are white cobbles all over the place and on a sunny and hot day you boil. I took my factor 50 all the time and this is the only place where my nose got burned.

We visited Paris...


The architecture in this city is absolutely amazing and I would definitely love to go back. We grabbed a train from Versailles and then got on 'Les Cars Rouges', big red buses that you can hop on and off or just travel around if that's what you want to do. I've just got to say that I LOVE the Louvre, it is the most impressive place I have ever visited.

 We joined the masses at Disneyland...

 A great place but make sure that you have sturdy shoes; take your travel sickness pills for the rides and don't mind waiting approx 30-70 mins to get on a ride. It isn't that bad but when the kids got hot and tired it made it feel longer. A plus was that the food was reasonably priced and covered all ranges.

Oh yes, and take lots and lots of money because if you have kids then they have all the gifts your darling children will ever want.

A funny moment was when Bucket jnr wanted to stay on a good rollercoaster ride and started crying. As we were walking out the exit people were staring at him and you could read their faces and knew they were asking themselves "was it that bad???". I couldn't stop myself from saying "he did like it, really".

It was an enjoyable holiday but if we ever go back I'm NEVER taking the car again - it's a hire car for us next time, it would be cheaper. Sam xx


  1. Looks fantastic Sam, I would love to visit France sometime especially Paris. Glad you had a wonderful time X

    1. Thanks Anne, it was great. The family had to keep stopping to let me catch up as I couldn't stop taking photos.

  2. Sounds like you had a great time, lucky you! Sounds very hot, though. We don't have a car so when we went on holiday we hired one and I must admit, it was nice not having to worry about breaking down or anything xxx

    1. Definitely NOT taking the car on holiday ever again. It was hot but think the sun cream worked as still look very pale even though the temperature hit the late 30's most of the time.