Tuesday, 9 October 2012


It's been a funny old week... I know we're currently in the middle of a week but I haven't posted for a little while so was just thinking back.

We've eaten all the cakes finally.

I've had a couple of job interviews - didn't get one and waiting for the other.

We have a tween in the house - won't say too much but if you look up 'tween behaviour' I'm sure you'll see what we've been coping with.

Bucket jnr has one of those lovely hacking coughs.

But, there have been a few little upsides...

I bought some seasonal socks which for some reason make me feel better (think red, white and grey nordic style).

There have been some lovely foggy, Autumnal mornings - hate rain but love the fog.

Yesterday was a calm, smiley tween day.

Read some good books and some good blogs.

I wouldn't say a lot has happened recently, things have just been ticking over with some good and some bad. Just wondering what today might bring. Sam xx


  1. Hi Sam, hope you get good news on the job front soon. I like fog in autumn but I also love bright sunny but cold days too. I love this time of year, so much to look forward to.

  2. Hello Sam!
    I am new to your blog and would just like to say hello and wish you good luck with the job search, also as a mom of a tween myself and a teen, I hear ya! :)

    1. Thanks for following and reading. In a small way I'm glad it's not just us that has tween problems although when you're going through it you think you must be doing something wrong and noone else is going through this. Sam x

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