Thursday, 8 November 2012

Inappropriate clothing...

Aaaaaarrrrrrggggghhhh - my eyes, my eyes..
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Just had a bit of a shocker this morning when dropping Bucket jnr off at school.

Now, can I just say that I'm NOT a yummy mummy or a runny mummy (the really energetic ones that wear skin tight running gear). I'm a mum who prefers jeans and converse, sometimes with/without makeup (if I have the time or inclination), hair tied up if I haven't had the time to wash it and looking fairly, well......normal.

But there is a dress code of sorts for dropping your kids off and I don't think that BUILDERS BUM is one of them. That was a sight I hope to never, never, EVER see again - especially that early in the morning.

One of the dads (thankfully someone I didn't know) was dropping his kids off to another class and as I got within eyeball range he moved, his jumper lifted and there it was - saggy jeans hanging low and everything on show.

REALLY???? Do I really need to see that at school; early in the morning and after only ONE coffee. If I wasn't totally awake before then I definitely was after that. It wasn't just me either, another mum saw it too and we both started giggling (out of shock I think and because that image is now burned into our brains).

My day can only get better after that. Sam xx

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