Friday, 2 November 2012

Woodland wanderings...

At this time of year you grab your good days where you can, so when there was a nice sunny day (a bit cold, but not too much) we downed tools, grabbed the wellies and gloves and set off.

A leisurely walk through the woods.
Trying not to step on the wildlife.
 Looking at the Autumn colour.
After all that, we were starving and stopped off for a delicious pub lunch. No pictures I'm afraid, but it was tasty and filling enough that I needed to just sit and rest for a little while afterwards.

Sam xx


  1. What a beautiful day that must have been! We have had nothing but rain, drizzle and cold :(
    Although today, it seems to be clearing up! Lovely photos, thank you for sharing!
    have a wonderful weekend
    Laurie Anne xx

    1. It was gorgeous Laurie Anne and definitely cleared out the cobwebs. Sam x