Monday, 7 January 2013

Brilliant game...

We went to France for summer holidays this year and stayed at a great camp. After raiding the Keycamp hut for something extra to do, we found this:

The game had a few bits missing but most of the pieces were there so we played a couple of games and had a brilliant time with it.  I have a 5 year old and a 9 year old and both really enjoyed it, usually games are either too old for one or too young for the other (cue lots of arguing/sulking/moaning and then the game put away).

When we came home again I looked it up and then ordered it as a Christmas present for Bucket jnr.

Well.......can I just say, once again, how brilliant this game is.We finally had a go last night after getting all the Christmas decorations down; tea eaten and showers done and we laughed a lot and very loudly. Now this is normally a good thing but Mr Bucket had a raging migraine and even with us being in another room, we were TOO loud.

Oh dear.

Anyway, so pleased with this game and I think we'll be playing it a lot more - definitely a good buy. Sam x


  1. Sounds brill!
    It's always good to have a game recommended that someone else has played and enjoyed!
    I'll be looking out for this one!
    Have a lovely week.

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