Saturday, 13 April 2013

A week at Pontins...

We've just had a week away at Pontins, Camber Sands. It was Sun holiday and to be honest it wasn't our first choice (or even our third) but as it was our first time in doing this we didn't get a huge amount of choice.

I looked up some reviews and I must admit a lot of them weren't that encouraging and I started to get a teeny bit anxious about the place. But, overall, our week was good.

I won't say that it was relaxing:-
damp grey weather - although not Pontins fault;
screechy seagulls (they are REALLY loud and REALLY big - didn't realise quite how big they are) - again not Pontins fault;
paper thin walls in the chalets;
uncomfortable bed (I love my own bed but a bit too big to pack);
bluecoats have the loudest voices I have EVER heard (great for kids, not so much for adults)....


All the people who worked there were lovely and cheery;
the bluecoats kept the kids amused and happy;
brilliant swimming pool and slide;
chalets were basic but clean;
the food was tasty and they didn't skimp on the helpings;
there was loads to do (mainly for kids but that's what we went for);
places to visit weren't too far away.

There were things that the grownups could see but the entertainment was late evening and by that time the kids (and us) were feeling a bit tired.

Yes the buildings look a bit tired but they are old and from what I read there is a huge refurbishment going on and that won't be finished anytime soon.

If anyone is thinking of going that hasn't been before can I just add that we didn't have a shower in our chalet, just a bath, so pack a jug or tap adapter if you want to wash hair. Also we took along some big cups/mugs after someone mentioned that they only had little cups (they do) in the chalets. I'm also glad we took along some extra blankets as the nights got cold.

Can I also recommend going half board. It seemed an expense at the time of paying but it made our life a lot easier not worrying about where we were going to eat and, as I said before, the food was tasty.

Would we go again? Yes we would.

Funny moment that I just had to mention....the double bed sleeper was a folding one that was also used as the seating so the legs ratcheted down when you wanted it as a bed. On the first night Bucket jnr fell out of his bed, it was about 1-2am so I wasn't too awake and as I walked back to our bed I noticed that it was slowly tipping up. Being half asleep my brain didn't quite recognise this fact so Ijust stood there as Mr Bucket's side slowly went downwards towards the floor. It was only when he stuck his arm out to stop himself that I realised I need to put my weight on to counter-balance it. I couldn't stop giggling for quite a while after that. Sam xx


  1. I have loved our sun holidays, and for the price they are fabulous, i may look at half board next time as we go out during the day but always back around the time they serve food

    1. Definitely found the half board handy - had a big breakfast (plate piled high) and then a huge tea. We stopped for a cuppa and cake a couple of times midday but even the kids weren't that interested - was in total shock when cake was left uneaten, totally unheard of for my kids. Sam

  2. Hi Sam, this is Emma from The Log Cabin, I have a new blog now. We have been to Pontins at Camber Sands a couple of times and while it's not the same as Butlins, I do enjoy it. It's so lovely there and the beach is gorgeous. When we were there we went to Rye which is a beautiful town. Not too keen on the folding bed though, although it would be fun to see Paul's side slowly tipping haha xxx

    1. Hi Emma, I can only say that I was really tired and 'of course I would have got there sooner' had it not been the middle of the night (that's my excuse anyway). I'm off now to look at your new blog. Sam x