Thursday, 4 April 2013

Reviews - For or Against?

Whenever I'm looking at somewhere to visit or something to buy it's really handy that I can turn on the computer, type in a couple of words and there you go... everything that you'll EVER need to know.

Like most people I like to search for the best item my pocket can afford and I don't want to buy a 'turkey' (you know what I mean). So I like to look at reviews so I can get other peoples ideas and feedback.

But there is the problem - lots of people and LOTS of ideas and opinions.

Who do I believe?
Is this person telling the truth or are they just stirring for the hell of it??
Did they just go on a bad day (everyone gets one)???
Are they more picky than me???? - this one might be a teeny bit impossible but you never know.

The more I read, the more confused and anxious I get. The good ones make me feel relaxed and confident that I've made the perfect choice and then the next second I read an awful one which makes me think I've just made the worst decision in my entire life.

What do I do? What do you do? Should I be worried?

Take a deep breath and RELAX! Sam xx

1 comment:

  1. I tend to go with the majority Sam, you always get the odd bad report at even the best places!! I think some people just cant be pleased. We once wrote a very scathing report about an apartment complex in Greece, it was the worst place we had ever been and yet that had some good reports!!