Friday, 9 March 2012

Do you hover...

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It can't just be me.

When you have someone come to your house to fix or sort something out, what do you do? Do you hover or do you let them get on with it and hope that they do a good job?

I definitely fall into the hovering camp and even though I try to do it discreetly, I'm sure 'they' must think I'm mad.

Take today, I had some blokes come round to fix the windscreen on my car.  Picture the scene, the car is parked outside, my kitchen window faces outside.... I washed the dishes, wiped the surfaces and then hovered in the kitchen and now and then peeped round the wall so I could make sure they were doing their job properly. I even dived for cover when I thought one of the men was looking my way. MAD!!

I am a Hoverer.

I'm just a tad suspicious of people I think, there are too many news stories or articles about cowboy builders and people ripping people off, so I think I'm justified.

But it reminds me of when I was younger and lived on a fairly populated council estate where everyone knew everyone. Over the road there were some houses or 'granny flats' that housed some of our elderly residents. Directly opposite my house was an upstairs window with net curtains that NEVER stopped twitching. I used to wave every time I saw the curtains move.

Sam xx


  1. Yep, self confessed hoverer here. I can relate to this as I had to foxtel man here today at The Bower Birds Nest.I must admit I feel very awkward about it though...I just had to idea what to do with myself!

    1. We're mad, totally mad hahaha