Wednesday, 21 March 2012

Technology and me...

 I've never liked a lot of technology - not a technophobe, just a bit old fashioned and traditional. I can never see the point of changing things just because something new has come out.

I love the adage "if it ain't broke, don't fix it".

I have a phone that looks quite flash but I don't know half the things it does. The other day someone called me on it, the phone rang and as it was quite close to my head at the time (I was sitting down) I jumped because I first thought I was being attacked by a very large bee. I jumped about two feet in the air until I realised it was just the phone.

I have a personal facebook account that I only use for friends (only people I've met face to face) and family. I don't tend to put a lot on Facebook but I love checking in and seeing how my old friends are doing and seeing how my family are. It came in useful recently too when I found out from my sister that a family member that I thought had died over 20 years ago, was in fact alive!

This really freaked me out for a little while but now can't stop grinning as I quite liked this cousin.

I think I like facebook at the moment, if things hadn't improved but had stayed exactly the same then I would never have rediscovered my cousin.

So maybe change is not too bad after all..... well, in small doses anyway. Sam xx


  1. Hi Sam, I'm sorry I haven't commented on your blog lately. I realised the other day that I was following far too many blogs and the people that follow me and take the trouble to comment were getting lost among all the others. So I've cut back on loads of them and can now catch up with my lovely friends! I'm a bit like you, I love old fashioned things and my phone doesn't even have a camera. That facebook story you told was quite funny though! And if it wasn't for the internet, we wouldn't be able to blog, would we? Lots of love xxx

    1. Emma, I know what you mean about the blogs and I'm very honoured that I'm considered one of your friends :D My daughter saw a program the other day and asked if me and Mr Bucket used to text each other when dating, I didn't have the heart to tell her that mobile phones were too expensive and shaped like bricks when we started out. Sam xx