Thursday, 21 June 2012

Sports Day fun...

Yesterday was a scorcher, which was definitely a good thing as it was Bucket jnr's Sports Day.

I went up to his school lugging a bag of picnic goodies, camera and his spotted dog which he'd asked me to bring and sat down in the sunshine chatting to another mum.When I looked across to Bucket jnr he looked really miserable so after a quick run across to give him a hug, sat back down to watch all the kids.

The kids did brilliantly and had a great time but Bucket jnr sat and looked like it was the worst day ever. I waved and grinned at him across the running track and he eventually cracked a smile when I stuck his dog on my head and bobbed it up and down as though it was waving at him.

Just another typically sane mum then.

He lined up for his first running race and I got up and walked a little way forward to take a picture but as I was aiming the camera I saw that he was looking for me. Cue the arm waving and shouting his name, he eventually saw me but missed his cue to go. Luckily he's a fast runner and came second but I knew that I'd pay for that one later - I put him off - bad mummy!!!

His second race involved beanbags and he shot off, Speedy Gonzales I swear - he was determined that he was going to win this one. I kept sitting during this race.

Afterwards we munched and chatted with other mums and kids and generally just enjoyed the day.

Good thing it was yesterday, the weather today would have been awful.

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  1. I'm glad he eventually had a good day; it's always hard when Sports Days are hot.
    It's a mom's job to act completely insane to entertain their kids :-)