Sunday, 24 June 2012

Night out...

For the first time in...I haven't a clue how many... years, Mr Bucket and I went out for a night out. It was to celebrate our anniversary (15 years) which was a few weeks ago but this was the nearest date for everyone to be available.

So first we packed the kids off the the Grandparents. You know they don't mind that much when you have to prompt them to say goodbye as you're walking out the door.

Then we got all glammed up which is a lot harder to do when you haven't been out in absolutely ages; have NO idea what is fashionable (I generally live in jeans, t-shirts and favourite converse) and don't want to look like mutton dressed as lamb.

Then we went to an early evening showing of Men in Black 3 3D and it was brilliant. I've always love the MIB films but this one seemed more polished with better action and special effects. I even caught myself giving vocal encouragement to the gorgeous Will Smith, luckily not loud enough to embarrass myself though.
My only gripe was the 3D glasses - when are they going to sort some out for people who wear glasses???!!! I had to balance them on my glasses and only when the lights went low did I relax enough not to feel too stupid wearing them.

One other thing.... am I the only person who shovels so much popcorn in my mouth (hoover-like) that I end up with it going down my top and then I have to try to reach it without anyone else noticing what I'm doing.

Food was next and even though a Chinese was our first thought we eventually went to a Tapas Bar. I'm a tapas virgin, I had a vague idea how the food was served but I had to ask the waiter how many dishes was 'polite' for one person - we ended up with three each.
All I can say is DELICIOUS!!! Definitely going back and may even take the kiddies along too. Although, may be paying today for all the oil that a lot of the dishes used (along with chillies and garlic). Sam xx


  1. Glad you enjoyed your night out! I know what you mean, even the cinema is such a big deal when you never get to go out anymore:) And yep, I do that with the popcorn too...

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  3. Happy anniversary Sam, glad you enjoyed your night out.It does you good to get out. I know what you mean about dressing up though, I dont 'do' dressing up and am usually in jeans but we went out last night too and I put a dress on promptimg Tony to say it was the first time I had had my legs on display in ages!!

  4. Thanks guys, it was a good night and the kids seemed to enjoy themselves. Although we had a comment from Miss Bucket of "you're not doing this every year are you?"

  5. Happy Anniversary! Glad you had a fun time; I have the same problem with 3D glasses.