Monday, 24 September 2012

Crocodile plushie...

I have been around, honest. I've just been looking at other blogs, pinterest and trying to organise pockets of my cluttered house now that the kids have gone back to school (Bucket jnr started full time).

And after much nudging and hinting, I've finally gotten round to making the crocodile. If anyone wants to try doing a plush crocodile, to get some ideas I found it much easier to look up 'alligator'.

I did look at this site which gave me some ideas but in the end, with the rain pouring outside and armed with a pencil, rubber and a much needed cup of coffee, I freestyled a drawing of a crocodile.
 Then I changed the mouth.

 Cut out the material.

Might I just point out that this type of material is REALLY fluffy, especially when you cut it. The end bits all fluff off and get absolutely everywhere.
 My top used to be black,

 Nearly there.
 And, here it is...

 I didn't add on any eyes as I couldn't find any that I liked. Also, the little tag on the belly of the crocodile is to remind me where I sewed him up just in case he needs a bit of re-stuffing.

I have also recently made a bag and bought a cute jar/pot and I'll put some pictures on here soon but this crocodile has taken me all morning and I've done NO dishes; there is fluff EVERYWHERE and I also need to go shopping for some bits before the kids get out of school.

Definitely worth it though, to see the look on Bucket jnr's face when he comes home.

I'm just a bit worried what Miss Bucket is going to come up with to make for her next. Sam xx


  1. Its fantastic, I love it and can well imagine it will go down well with the little ones. Isnt it strange what they seem to like, my granddaughter E loves toy snakes and everytime I see her she asks me to make her another one! I reckon one in the same material as your crocodile would be good, do you? X

    1. That would look great, just remember that no matter what you wear you will end up green and fluffy