Friday, 14 September 2012

Sewing some pouches..

I've finally gotten round to some sewing - HOORAY!!

 mess, mess everywhere

Bucket jnr has been staying for lunch at school and then next week he'll be there all day, so I've had a little extra time to do some other things.

I was looking at making myself a bag but thought I'd start small first and made these really cute pouches. I won't bore you with a tutorial as this wasn't my pattern and there are literally hundreds available to find on the internet. But in case anyone's interested, I followed Anna at Noodlehead's pattern which was easy enough even for me to follow.

Although I did have a few niggly moments: the first pouch has a wonky zip, so sorted this out by using tailors chalk on the next one. Also thought the stitches needed to be smaller; the second one is a bit smaller in size as I got carried away trying to make all the edges the same size; the third one I forgot to undo the zip a little bit so had to pick some stitches and then once I'd sewn it up again I realised that I'd forgotten the little tag so more picking.  Remember that I changed the stitch size? Yep, took me ages to unpick even a little bit.

I really thought that by the fourth one I'd cracked it, I sewed it all up and admired it lovingly. It was only when I was ironing it neater that I realised I'd mixed up the tags for no.3 and no.4....aaaarrrggh. Also, the tags are slightly on the p**s lop-sided.

Nevermind, I still like them and I'm NOT unpicking them again.

The open one is for me, the car one for Bucket jnr and the pink doggy one for Miss Bucket. The other one can be a spare. I think I'll pick up some more zips and make a whole load as gifts for that upcoming season that shall not be named, maybe fill with nail varnish or little sweets or both.

My next project has already been decided by Bucket jnr. Can you guess by the fabric?

 It's a .......crocodile.

Or at least it will be when I figure out how to make it. I'd better sort it out soon as I'm getting hassled hourly for this.
Sam xx


  1. I like them too! They're very cute and practice makes perfect, or so they say, haha. Good idea of yours to make gifts for the C season. (I'm scared to say it, it's coming far too quickly for my liking). Hope you enjoy your peace next week with everyone at school xxx

    1. I honestly don't know what I'm going to do with myself next week. Might have to make a list organising my time so I get something done hehehe. Sam x

  2. Lovely pouches Sam. I am glad its autumn and the dark nights are coming, all you want to do is snuggle down and do a bit of knitting or sewing isnt it? My guess was a snake but now you have said it I can see it would make a perfect crocodile!

    1. I just thought that I couldn't go wrong with this fabric. He also likes snakes so either way I'm a winner.

  3. Replies
    1. Thank you, will need to get some Christmas fabric soon so I can make a load for the teachers. Sam x