Tuesday, 4 September 2012

Santa wish list...

I don't know how everyone else handles Christmas but my kids get a stocking from Santa (everything else is from us).

Every Christmas morning they wake up to find that Santa has placed a gift in their stockings and I let them open them first (wouldn't dare to try and stop them).

This morning Bucket jnr came in to speak to me, all serious:

Bucket jnr: Mummy, I want a bumblebee and an optimus prime for Christmas.

Me: Ok.

Bucket jnr: Can you put it on your Christmas list.

Me: Ok.

Bucket jnr: I don't know how big they'll be but Santa can make them for me that way they won't cost you anything (aaahhhh).

Me: Ok but that's a lot for Santa.

Bucket jnr: I think that as I'm getting bigger then the toys should get bigger and more.

Me: Ok, you're going to have to be a REALLY good boy for them.

Bucket jnr: I know, I'm going to try to be good for the rest of my life (he's into big timescales at the moment).

What a sweetie, I tried not to smile too much as he was only standing in front of me in his pants and I was trying to take his seriousness seriously (hope that makes sense).

My lack of words was due to this being a three cups of coffee morning and I was currently on number two so not totally awake.

Ok, a sweetie no longer. He has come back and is now shooting his nerf gun at me with the phrase "I've got me a mummy kebab" - I have no idea where that is from and I probably never will.  Sam xx


  1. Haha bless him. That's what we do as well, a stocking from Santa and the rest from us (we don't want Santa to get all the glory, do we?). It was only last year when Samantha stopped believing completely (she had doubts but was never sure) and I was half sad and half relieved. But we still have stockings and still pretend they're from Santa. We love Christmas! xxx

    1. I love it too although really hard to wait until December when I can start playing the Christmas music. I don't think it'll be too long before our eldest starts doubting, already asking questions about the Tooth Fairy hahaha

  2. Ah bless! I 'm trying not to think too much about christmas just yet seeing as we are on our 'summer' holidays! My grandchildren are really excited though and its ages off yet!

    1. I know, after I did the post thought "way too early" but he's already planning everything.