Monday, 31 October 2011

Days gone by

I heard a song on the radio and sang along to it, remembering it from when I was younger. Then it hit me - the song was nearly 30 years old!!!! The funny thing is, it sounds better now than it did then for me.

And the song was..... Karma Chameleon by Culture Club

Brilliant song and after the initial shock, I continued to sing along to it merrily.

Then I started to think about other things I remembered from my 'youth':

Silver Jubilee 1977 (yes, I'm the one in the hat eating)

Wagon Wheels

Remember these? Wagon Wheels were absolutely HUGE but like most things have shrunk with age.

And not forgetting...

the haircuts (luckily not too many pictures),
brown clothes (70's) / fluorescent and power dressing (80's) / goth and
Doc Martens (90's)
raleigh chopper (I had a red one, inherited from my brother),
roller boots (rainbow ones),
leg warmers...

Lots of good memories.

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