Monday, 24 October 2011

Days out

It's the start of the half term holidays and after checking the money situation we decided to take the kids to the cinema. We went to see Tin Tin and can I just say that it was absolutely BRILLIANT!! Even Mr Bucket didn't moan about it when we came out afterwards - a miracle some would say.

The film had enough of a storyline, explosions, action and adventure to keep everyone interested. The popcorn was hot and there were enough deals so we didn't feel like we had been totally robbed. There were only a couple of negatives; there was a flashing ceiling light in front of the screen that kept going off at odd moments and just when you wanted to tell someone it suddenly stopped. And the other problem was the adverts - 20 minutes of them. I know that everyone must make some money somewhere, but 20 MINUTES??? Bucket jnr was asking if the film had finished before it had even begun.

Afterwards a trip to McDonalds was 'requested' and they were doing the Tin Tin toys with the Happy Meals which the kids thought was great. Although everyone agreed that the restaurant was noisier than the film.

A nice day out but glad to get back home to my cup of tea and the sound of my kids annoying each other again.

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