Sunday, 23 October 2011

A new day

I would like to welcome anyone who accidentally finds my blog, I've thought about doing one for a while and although it's still in construction at the moment ..... WELCOME!!!

Just to recap I'm a married mum of two, my daughter is 8 and is known as Nelson on her worst days (yes as in the Simpson's character - it's a difficult age) and my youngest has just turned 4. For want of a name let's just call him happy (he is this and more plus really cute).  My husband works very hard so that I can stay at home and look after the kids, the house and anything else that crops up.

I try my hand at most things; I love some crafts but not all; I bake and love the cake mixture - this does not normally get shared that much and I love, love, love to read. I'm going through a teenage angst/vampire/otherworldly thing at the moment - must be reliving my teenage years. I will clean but sometimes the dust gets the best of me and I hate ironing (that pile never gets any lower).

Today is Sunday and for once I have NOTHING planned - I might just stay in my pyjamas ALLLLLL day..... euwwww.... or maybe not.

The blog might change a little bit until I'm happier with it so if you're coming along for the ride hang in there, it will get sorted soon. Sam x

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