Wednesday, 18 January 2012

Say what????

Kids are funny. And surprising. And enjoyable.

And they are hilariously rude at times without realising it and it takes a lot of willpower to stop myself from laughing out loud so I can tell them why that word is 'bad'.

Picture the scene, a loving mother doing the ironing (which really needed doing) whilst her small son is watching a childrens cartoon. He laughs, then dances along and sings out,

"She's an alien whore, she's an alien whore".

WHOA!! Iron down, look of shock on my face. WHAT WAS THAT???!!!

"It's the song, she's an alien whore".

Before we go any further, the cartoon was Phineus and Ferb which is fairly harmless about two boys who invent things to make the summer holidays pass by. There is an annoying sister who tries to catch them out and a side story of an evil inventor and a spy platypus (I know, I know).

This episode was about making the dad seem cool and hip, singing an 80's inspired techno song about an alien girl.

I listened very closely to the song and then explained to him that the line should have been
"she's got an alien HEART".

He did start singing the right words and we had a bit of a giggle. Luckily he's not at that age when he starts asking what the 'bad' word means. Sam xx


  1. I remember my youngest son saying to me in the supermarket he had seen a swearword on a sign hanging in the store.It said 'basted chickens' and you can imagine what he had taken the pronunciation to be.(He was about 10 at the time and I was amazed he even knew that word.)Still you can have a giggle cant you? X

    1. Hi Anne, sorry it's taken me this long to reply but my computer was playing silly b*****s. I love some of the things my son has come up with, my daughter too. I wish I'd written them all down but some are still memorable - my daughter used to call caterpillars "cat pee". Lovely imagery. Sam xx