Saturday, 7 January 2012

Some new fun

We finally decided to get 'with it' and get a Wii for Christmas - they kids were over the moon
(this means happy for those that might not have heard this phrase) by this and have been trying to play it non-stop.

When we were out shopping, we joined the HUGE queue in the local game shop and purchased a couple of games to try out - Mario Galaxy and Just Dance 3. Of course, we had to play these IMMEDIATELY but we had to time them so there weren't too many arguments between the kids.

Source: Google Images

Just Dance 3 was brilliant but we could only do the arm motions. Hopefully we'll get a little better and soon be jumping all over the place. My only complaint is that I was doing really well but got confused at the end about putting on my profile - Miss Bucket thought it was brilliant that I saved it to hers, so she had a really good score.

I had to do it all over again to put it on my score. Let me tell you, the sweat was pouring off me - I'm no spring chicken anymore. I WAS KNACKERED!!!

The Mario Galaxy is fun but you need two controllers for this, one in each hand. So it was left to me to start it off and try the game.... 2 hours later, my back and shoulders were killing me. I had the family telling me what I did wrong and giving me 'helpful' advice, and how I should play it and then saying "do it again".

Mr Bucket then had a go and I should say at this point that he doesn't really 'do' computer games of ANY sort. I sat back and watched as he did really well and just whizzed through the game. Although it was only up to the point that I finished - of course, he'd watched what I'd done so he knew how to get through the levels each time - BIG CHEATER!!!!!! I'm making him go first next time.

Don't get me wrong, we love board games - Sorry, Monopoly (that game goes on for ages) and Rummikub are a few of our favourites. But the Wii is a lot of fun using hand/eye coordination and it gets the kids jumping around which must be a good thing. Sam xx


  1. Some of the girls I work with are into Zumba and apparently you can get a game for the wii with the zumba workouts.We dont posess a wii but sounds like it could be good fun.My grandson has a wii and I like to play ski jumping with him but he always beats me!

  2. Hi, this made me smile. We got a Wii a year ago and boy, yes, the dance games are seriously energetic! We love Wii Fit and Wii Sports resort too. Actually we have quite a collection of games now but haven't tried the Mario Galaxy - sounds fun!

    1. Hi Lily, yes the Mario Galaxy is fun but unfortunately the kids don't understand that I have 'other' things to do at times i.e. house stuff, and I can't play this game every second. I'm going to be sooooo glad when they can manage the remotes themselves. Sam xx