Saturday, 12 May 2012

BEWARE - dodgy salesmen at work

We're going to replace a couple of double glazed windows in our house, one has been in since we moved in and has a bit of a draft.We called a couple of double-glazing companies for a quote...

OMG!!!!! (sorry for the text speak)

Mr Bucket and I agreed that we didn't want the sales pitch; no best deals and if any one of the companies that came round said we had to sign "TODAY", then they were out the door.

Our first appointment today was for 2pm, I saw a man parked outside at 1.55pm and then the same man decided to knock on our door at 2.05pm. Hmmmm, not a good start. I LIKE punctuality.

He came in, sat down and asked us what we were looking for. We told him and then let him know that we were going to have a few other quotes before we made a decision. He asked which companies we were looking at - I didn't see anything wrong in telling him as I thought he was just being curious, so I told him the names of the other 3 companies.

One he didn't know as it was local, one was at the top of the game and all he said was 'they're very expensive' but he then went on to criticise (and that's putting it very lightly) the last company. I didn't say anything, just looked as though I was interested but privately I was thinking "what the hell is he playing at???!!! - you just DON'T DO THIS!!)

By the way, he hadn't measured anything at this stage.

He asked us if they could put an advertising board up - we said "No sorry, it's in our deeds that this is not allowed". He looked a bit shocked.

He asked us if they could take before and after shots - we said "No, we don't want that". He looked even more shocked, a bit pale even.

He then called his Manager (have no proof that it was actually his Manager) and told him what we had said. We got a bit fed up by this stage and I think "playing silly buggers" might have been mentioned by us. I even offered to talk to the supposed Manager (twice) but he didn't seem to hear me although I was sat right next to him.

After his phonecall, we laid it on the line and said we "just want the windows measured and a quote". He finally got the message.

And he finally measured the two windows and patio door.

Just when we thought we'd gotten past all the silliness and sales pitch he asked us to play a dvd - what a load of 'look what we do' twaddle - I'm sure I yawned twice. Didn't this bloke get the message - all we wanted was a quote!!!

When the dvd finally ended he put some figures together - approx £10,000.

What????? How much????? You have got to be kidding!!!!

Ok I didn't say the above but I DID think it. When he asked me what I thought I calmly said "it's a bit higher than we thought but thank you". See, still being very polite even though I just wanted him gone by now.

THEN he rang up another Manager (different name) and after a short conversation said that if we signed today and ignored everyone else they could bring it down to £3800.

We almost exploded then, you could see the steam rising from our heads and I'm sure we went purple.

I think he got the message as he said a quick thank you and goodbye to me, ignored Mr Bucket and actually raced to the door. I've never seen anyone leave as fast as that before, it was hilarious - still laughing about it now.

But on a serious note I think we were lucky, our meeting only took 40 minutes from start to finish. We had a really good internet search afterwards and found that this same company could take up to a couple of hours and more.

I don't think we'll be using this company now but we've got another appointment with another company tomorrow and I've got a bet on with Mr Bucket that we can have them out the door within 30 minutes. I'll let you know, Sam xx


  1. OMG (there is no other phrase which suits this story better)
    What a total waste of your time. It makes me so cross.
    Good luck tomorrow. And good luck Mr Bucket, too!

  2. Now that we know what might happen, we're going to be prepared and let them know straight away that all we want is a quote and if they can't do that, then there's the door. Should be fun. Sam x