Sunday, 13 May 2012

Dodgy Salesmen pt2

Well we had our second double glazing salesman turn up. I'm sure he was meant to be here at 10.30am but he turned up at 10.10am and Mr Bucket missed out as he'd popped out on a quick supermarket visit.

So it was just me and the kids.

It wasn't actually that bad, as soon as he sat down I basically told him that we didn't want:

1. A sales board.
2. Photos taken of our house.
3. DVD played to us.
4. Phone calls to his Manager.
5. Buy me now deals.

I told him straight that we'd had them the previous day, weren't interested and if he couldn't do it then the door was behind him and we could finish now.

I think he got the point - I won the bet easily and with time to spare. He was out the door within 25 minutes, woohoo!!!

Funniest moment was when he tried to get Bucket jnr on his side by saying "are you sure you don't want to watch my dvd?" and Bucket jnr answered "we don't want any dvds" (which he said quite a few times as it just got funnier and funnier to him). 

We went with the big companies thinking they were too established to try tricks like this but I think we're going to ring round a couple of local firms now. Sam xx


  1. Well done to you, Missus!
    Sounds like you had him in your power!!