Thursday, 17 May 2012

Fun Day...

There was a 'Fun Day' at Bucket jnr's nursery class today. All the kids went in their home clothes and we had a picnic (in the classroom as too cold outside); farm animals were loose in the playground (need to watch where you step) and then ice pops for snack.

The kids (and the adults too) loved it. Wasn't that restful for the animals but overall the kids behaved brilliantly.

At the end of it the little pony took a shine to me and waited with me until it was time to be loaded onto the truck. It was such a sweet moment until I got home and found a load of flea bites on my arm - ouch.

But now I'm feeling really snotty and sneezy, don't know if allergies have finally kicked in or I'm coming down with a stinker of a cold.

For another sweet moment, during one of my nose-blows, Bucket jnr went to the bathroom and came down with a handful of toilet paper for me "just in case". Altogether now.... aaaahhhhhh. Sam xx

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