Monday, 16 April 2012

On the telly...

I love my telly; I love the American sitcoms and the diet shows and the craft shows and shows that show peoples homes and how they manage them.

Mr Bucket does NOT care for these shows. He tends to like the more factual shows, history and architecture.

Although we both have a soft spot for Midsummer Murders and Poirot.

So imagine my surprise when he told me about a tv programme that he'd spotted and thought that I would love it AND he sat through it with me.

It was on Discovery Real Time and called Extreme Couponing - it was BRILLIANT!!

To my UK readers - you'll be gutted that we can't do this.
To my US readers - I'm sick with jealousy that we can't do this.

Basically the show is about ladies (haven't seen any men yet) that collect the mountains of coupons that they can get hold of and use them for their shopping, spending hardly any of their own money.

The one I saw last night had one lady actually being owed money by the supermarket and she had to get more stuff just to bring her amount to $0. I really felt sorry for the cashier who had to wade through all the stuff, one girl was on the till for 2 hours with one woman and she had to clock off and someone else took over.

You should see the mountains of stuff they hoard have at their homes. It is unbelievable but in some strange way - I WANT TO DO THIS!!!

 Source: Google images

So today I went on the computer to see what coupons I could get hold of and found a pretty good site that I'd never heard of before - Supersavvyme. It's run by Proctor and Gamble so helpful coupons and if you join their Savvy Circle then you might trial products before they hit the shops. Every little helps and could be fun so I'm giving it a go. Sam xx

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