Friday, 27 April 2012


When I was younger I didn't mind my photo being taken but as I got older I tended to avoid them - I'm NOT photogenic. I don't think I look too bad it's just that I don't photograph well.

Over the years I've come to accept that I can't avoid the camera altogether and there are a few photos with me in them.

Last weekend Miss Bucket turned 9 and we organised a disco for her and some school friends. It went really well but I should have been a bit more worried when I noticed my MIL taking photos. Normally I take the photos (mainly so I can stay out of them).

I've now had a look at some of the pictures and..... yep, you guessed it.... NOT very flattering.

Most mums know that after having kids the stomach muscles aren't that 'good' anymore and if you don't make a big effort to suck it in you look like you're still pregnant. Well, I wasn't making an effort and there is a lovely side-on shot of me...EEEUUURRGHH!

And there's a lovely bum shot of me..... and another stunning shot of me mid-dance (with relaxing stomach muscles)...

I can't even delete them as I keep all birthday photos.

Next time, I'm taking the camera and I might have to look into some heavy-duty, don't let anything move underwear.
Sam xx

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