Tuesday, 3 April 2012


My kids have waaaaayy too many.

I only realise this when it's time to sort them out and get rid of the rubbish. Usually I have a battle on my hands, but NOT today.

A couple of days ago I did my usual nagging request for Miss Bucket to sort her room out and she nicely asked for me to help her.

I was a bit in shock, mainly by two things:

1. She NEVER wants to tidy her room - loves it being a tip.

2. She's 8 going on 15 so I don't get nice requests very often. Don't get me wrong, she's a lovely, lovely girl but when she makes her mind up about something it can get a bit loud at times.

But today we tidied her room, it may still look a bit of a tip full to others but we know that it's a lot tidier.

Although to be honest, not a lot of her stuff has been thrown away as she has a little brother who, at this moment, is really enjoying his new toys - toys that he has been coveting for quite a while.

So now I'm off to tidy Bucket jnr's room and try to find a space for all the new toys he now has. Sam xx

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