Wednesday, 7 December 2011

Christmas play...

Mr Bucket and I went to Bucket jnr's Christmas asembly this morning, his FIRST one.

It was brilliant!!

I had hopes of it being hilarious as earlier in the year he did a Harvest Festival assembly and about halfway through started an elbow fight with the boy next to him (defending himself, of course) and then during a singing bit he decided he didn't want to sing - he wanted to dance....and so he did. It was soooo funny.

So we sat and waited to see what would happen this time. I'm afraid I put him off to start with as I stood to the side, like any pushy proud parent to take pictures. He just sat and looked at me instead of singing, so I sat back down again.

Cue lots of hand waving and smiling and bobbing up and down as he tried to see us. He also wasn't too comfortable in his shephard garb, by the end I thought he was going to strip off.

It wasn't just him though, we saw lots of yawning; waving; nearly falling off the stage; nudging; face pulling - in fact, just about everything that you'd expect from 3-5 year olds.

As I said, BRILLIANT!!! Sam xx


  1. My three eldest grandchildren and my two nieces are at the same school and their nativity plays are tomorrow. I cant wait and just hope I dont start blubbing!

  2. Hi Sam,
    Thank you for following my blog. Christmas plays are always fun to go to. My youngest is twelve now so I don't get to go very often these days but she has sung in the Christmas choir which was lovely.

    Emma xxx xxx

  3. Thanks for the comments - Emma I love your blog and Anne I hope you had a good time but kept a hanky handy just in case