Monday, 12 December 2011

Sick day...

I have a sick little Bucket jnr at home today.

He tends to get coughs every year which are aggravated by the cold weather. He's already had one and I thought we'd beaten this year's one but yesterday it came back and sounded much worse.

Picture the scene.... walking round Ikea with a little'un who every now and then explodes into a coughing fit; goes red in the face and splutters everywhere.

It didn't seem as busy as normal in the shop, well not round us anyway. I think the other shoppers took one look and scarpered and I don't blame them.

Usually with his coughs he is generally well but not this time, he's feeling a bit under the weather. So I decided to keep him at home today and he is, at this moment, lying under a blanket watching Tom and Jerry.

On a cheerier note, I just now received my giveaway items from Anne.

Thank you Anne, they are lovely.

The heart is really soft (must find out your supplier of felt), I love the little heart hanging decoration and the snowman is gorgeous. I'm off to find a good place for them. Sam xx

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  1. Hope your little one is better soon. Glad you liked the little gifts, love Anne