Friday, 30 December 2011

Post Christmas

We had a brilliant Christmas.

The kids raced down on Christmas morning to see if Santa had delivered their pressies but I had to make them wait a little bit as Mr Bucket had worked Christmas Eve and needed some sleep (although they didn't agree with me on this). I didn't make them wait too long.

I love it when the unwrapping frenzy starts - I don't think they even look at the gifts. It seems like a race to see who can get the wrapping paper off all the presents the quickest. Then when it's all done, they finally sit and look to see what they have been given.

We had Christmas dinner at the in-laws, which is good in one way as it gives me a break from cooking but then again, I don't have any leftover turkey to snack on.

Last year Bucket jnr was given some Thomas the Tank Engine pants as a present from Granny and the look on his face as he launched them across the room with 'they're not presents' was priceless. So this year I was on the lookout and sure enough he was given some jumpers. As his face started to morph into 'that look' I quietly whispered 'say thank you' and grabbed them and replaced the gift with something else to unwrap. Disaster averted (it was funny though).

I've been keeping up with some of the blogs I follow and found a nice site, Ravelry, which gives loads of knitting and crochet patterns. I'm probably the last person to find this site but it's brilliant and I've already marked things I'd like to make.

After a lot of thinking, I'm going to try and concentrate on crochet this year. I'm only a beginner but hoping to get a LOT better. Also the usual New Year Resolution.... get fit and lose weight.  It's not small in error, I just thought that if it was that size it wouldn't seem such a big problem.

As I get older I like trying to find the best present for someone, it doesn't have to cost the earth and sometimes is something that I've put together. I find that I like giving presents more than receiving nowadays and it's always me who is last to open any gifts as I get more joy out of watching other peoples faces.

But I did get a couple of good ones....

Oooh, last night I made a Hairy Biker fish pie and I can thoroughly recommend it. I would tweak it slightly next time I make it but it's the first time I've ever attempted fish pie (I know, I can't quite believe it either) and I wanted to follow it to the letter. Definitely a winner though!

The kids weren't that bothered but then it didn't include chicken nuggets or chips - I'm going to keep trying.

Kirstie I just love. I like watching her on the telly as they are just feelgood shows. I know that she's not everyones cup of tea, but then who is????!!!!

And the Hairy Bikers are excellent - they are just mad and funny and make everything seem really easy. Although it's amazing how they manage to keep those beards clean.

Mr Bucket also got me my Michael Buble Christmas cd which I've been playing quite a lot. I might have to buy another just in case I wear this one out. How long can you play a Christmas cd for without someone mentioning that it's the wrong time of year?? I'll probably stop playing it around mid March.

All in all, not too many arguments; I only threatened to cancel Christmas twice and, amazingly, most of the toys have already been put away (still a few left to find places for). I would say that we've done quite well and I hope that everyone else had a good time too. Sam xx

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  1. Glad you had a really good christmas.Sounds as if you got some fab pressies.Michael Buble is a big hit in our house and I was hoping someone would buy me Kirstie book but they didnt so I will have to treat myself.I love everything she does- in fact I want to be her!!(onlykidding) but Tony moans and groans the whole time she is on, he just doesnt get her!Each to their own I suppose. One of our bloggy friends told me about Ravelry and I am going to join it too.