Thursday, 15 December 2011

Still unwell...

I'm still at home with Bucket jnr but the doctor confirmed that it isn't a chest infection, just another cough/cold straight after the first one.

And my children are sooooo kind and generous - he has lovingly shared his germs with myself and Mr Bucket.

We love him soooo much (we do really, but definitely heavy on the sarcasm here).

I've now stocked up on the vitamins and flu tablets just so I can keep going. I'm a mum - WE DO NOT GET SICK  (we just don't have the time).

So I haven't yet made the mince pies or the little cute snowmen BUT did manage to pick up some white wool to make them (the snowmen not the mince pies).

I noticed I had loads of other colours just not white. I did think of using cream but I'm sure that I would have had loads of jokes about 'yellow snow'.

I've managed to complete one project which had been hanging around and it doesn't look too bad. I've been seeing lots of pictures on the web of personal printed words (and I would have posted a picture on here but the minute I want to find one, I can't - typical).

They are really nice but I couldn't justify the cost (approx £40), so I decided to do one myself and here it is:

Not quite the same and a lot more simple than one I could have bought but I love it and now I've just go to find somewhere to hang it. Sam xx

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  1. hi Sam, kids are very generous with their germs arent they? Hope you are all feeling much better soon, and dont worry too much about what you have to do, just have a bit of time to rest and recuperate if you can!!
    P.S. Love your pic, you have made a lovely job of it.Love Anne