Monday, 7 November 2011

A big bowl of nostalgia

Feeling a bit nostalgic again, don't know why....maybe it's the early nights closing in or the colder weather making me want to snuggle into all things comfortable, including things from the past. Right, where's my cardigan and slippers.

So Sunday I decided to make something that I remember my mum making, although I didn't realise that it took so long to cook - 2 hours. It had better be good!!!

I took the recipe from my Tana Ramsey's Family Kitchen book. It's one of those cookbooks that I could sit and just look at (also like Hairy Bikers).

I was almost tempted just to drink the evaporated milk - I used to love this poured over tinned fruit. And the nutmeg that I need to grate over it gives off gorgeous Christmassy smells.

And it was... Rice Pudding.

My mum used to make hers with sultanas but I've been told by Mr Bucket 'no'. He's a bit of a puritan when it comes to food, I think, and hates to meddle with traditional recipes too much. Maybe I'll make a big bowl of it (with sultanas) for myself next time although, if I eat the WHOLE bowl, I won't be able to eat anything else for the rest of the day.

And here it is...

And the verdict? Welllllll, not great actually.

The first problem was probably my fault as I tried to be a bit frugal and used some pudding rice that was a long way beyond its best before date. But I thought that as it's rice, it would keep fairly well. Obviously not.

I cooked the pudding for the 2 (long) hours and when I went to check there was still loads of liquid sloshing around. Not to be put off, I drained some off and put it back into the oven for a further hour.

The second problem was that it was brown, well a caramel colour actually, due to the nutmeg. Now I didn't mind this too much but unfortunately the kids weren't that impressed and even though Miss Bucket tried some, she still wouldn't budge. I think they have been influenced by the creamy whiteness of Ambrosia creamed rice pots.

So there you are, after all my joking earlier in the post about eating the whole bowl - I may just have to do that. Sam x

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  1. I hate when I go through all the effort of making something and it turns out not so good.