Friday, 11 November 2011

Made some cakes

I made some cakes for us. I like to make cupcakes for the kids and also try to make some for the school fetes but whenever I've made them they always look too small. I use the cupcake cases but when they are lined up with other cakes on the stall they seem absolutely TINY! So this time I used muffin cases and they actually came out quite big (although I'll need to double up on the recipe next time to get a decent amount of cakes).

I started to ice the cakes but I'd run out of piping bags. So I tried the trick most cookbooks/cooking sites say - use a plastic bag. So I did......and the icing exploded out of the sides by the tip.

After a few tries I gave up and just plopped the icing onto the cakes, smoothed it with a knife and covered them in sprinkles. Gotta love the sprinkles.

Didn't turn out too bad afterall and they tasted rather nice too. Sam x

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