Saturday, 5 November 2011

Firework night

Had a really good time last night but, once again, got a soaking wet bottom. I just don't know how I manage that every time!

We went to the local school; it was dark and a little drizzly so we dressed accordingly - coats, hats and wellies (I had a lot of moaning from Miss Bucket as I think she's finally getting into her fashion conscious phase).

The bonfire was lovely and warm as the rain dripped down our backs and then the fireworks started - they were BRILLIANT! Loads of colours, bangs, showers - the rain temporarily forgotten.

We were prepared by bringing ear defenders for Bucket jnr but there were a few unhappy campers when some of the larger fireworks went off. Then all too soon it was over and everyone quickly deserted the place to get back to their homes.

All in all a really good evening, if you could ignore the torrential rain. I apologise for no pictures but I think a good decision not to take the camera as it would have gotten waterlogged. Sam x

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