Thursday, 3 November 2011


I love nature; I love the changing seasons; I love the warm woolly clothes that you get to wear when the weather changes and I love nature's animals (well most of them).  At this time of year, as the weather gets colder, the animals are looking for somewhere to bed down to survive the winter.

But WHY do they all seem to want to do this in MY house?????

Picture the scene, pt 1

I wake up and, still very sleepy, open the door to get the milk and......a huge, hairy spider makes a run at my feet to get inside AAARRRRGGGHHH! 

Picture the scene, pt 2

I wake up and, still very sleepy, go to walk down the stairs and......a loud buzzing hits my ears followed by a divebombing wasp AAARRRRGGGHHH! I'd only opened  the windows for 2 seconds earlier in the day for a bit of fresh air.

Picture the scene, pt 3

I wake up and, still very sleepy, go into my kitchen barefooted. As I'm pottering around my toes suddenly touch something soft and slimy and when I look down there is a slug sitting there AAARRRRGGGHHH! I don't know where they are coming from but I wish they would stop.

And, I seem to have gained a slug phobia as I'm reaching my 40's. As my husband puts it 'you scream like a little girl'. Well ha-ha to you, they can be quite frightening when you're not expecting to touch them with bare flesh - EEEUURGH!

Once again, I love nature but it definitely belongs outside and not when I've only just woke up.

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